Friday, 20 April 2012

01. The Chosen One

“Why me?” cried death, as the creator of creations walked past him.

The almighty, dressed in purple attire of divinity and carrying along an aura of dignity, did not look back even once as darkness hid the miniature figure of death. The dusk hours sublimed and the stars descended, but there lay death, all by himself, making a cycle of snivels and sobs.

We always find ourselves running away from death. Even though we are aware that he cannot be avoided. That in the end, there is no way around but submission, be it contently or gloomily.

But, do we ever consider anyone else’s perspective other than ours?

No, we do not. We humans are so habituated with the idea of thinking about our own selves  that we never realize that maybe someone else has a different opinion, a different perspective to the same situation or object.

That maybe someone else wants to be heard.
To be understood.

So is the case with death.

-come back to discover what death has to say.
Same time, same blog, someday.
Till then, hear your friends and foes out. Hear what they think, feel and desire.

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