Friday, 6 July 2012

02. An Evening with Death.

Rocking my chair back and forth as the chirpy hours passed, I tried letting the events of the day before sink deep in my heart.

I was rocking my chair then, like I am now but what I had felt then was unfamiliar. Not for me alone but for every mortal on this earth. It was unfamiliar because until now, every person who had felt it could not live long enough to talk about it.

As I opened my eyes, I saw a fragile figure step out of thin air right in front of me. I smiled at him with inquisitive eyes. The moment I smiled at him, he was taken aback and for a second or so, traveled back to the world he was a native of. Or so it seemed to me.

What followed suit was even more baffling. Tiny glistening teardrops flooded his dark troubled eyes and as they flowed down his cheeks, they took me along. It took me a little longer than him to come back to my senses and when I finally did, there was a soft smile on his face which finally put me at ease.

I asked him 'why' instead of 'whom' as he seated himself in the opposite chair.

I waited. After a few silent moments, he said "Because that's what 'HE' says."

Discover what Death has to say. 
Discover what 'HE' says.
Same time, same blog, some day.
In the meantime, meet your friends and hear their eyes speak to you the unspoken words.

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